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Friday, October 30

Why couldn't a 15 year old say this when I was actually 15?

Some of you may have heard the story about how one of my students, let's call him Sam, came up to me a few month ago when he was supposed to be speaking in Spanish with his partner, let's call him Mark and said, "Miss Spravzoff, don't take this the wrong way're one of the better looking teachers at this school." I couldn't keep a straight face so I just turned around and walked away.


So then a week later Mark (Sam's buddy) started calling me "caliente" any time I was within earshot. I told him I would call his mother and have him explain why he calls me that pretty much got him to stop.

Well, yesterday Sam came running in trying to give me hug because he's transferring schools and it was his last day at ERMS. I diverted and tried to side hug and it's a very good thing I did considering what he said in front of the whole class about 5 minutes later.

We were discussing what Halloween movies are the scariest and he blurts out, "SeƱorita, if you were like 15 I would totally date you." I tried to laugh it off because it's so ridiculous but I put a straight face on and said "Sam that's really innapropriate". Fortunately his friend, we'll call her Jaime, said, "Sam you can't say stuff like that to teachers, that's just wrong." The class was oddly quiet for once. "Okay," I said, "so has anyone seen The Others"...Just another awkward moment in the lives of 9th graders and their crazy Spanish teacher.

PS. That was "sam's" last day at Elk Ridge, thank goodness.

Monday, October 12

6 Months Later

Well, it has been awhile. It's true. What has happened in my life since April, you ask? Too much. Finished my 1st year of teaching, house hunted, moved, planned a trip to Argentina, spent 6 and half weeks in Argentina, came back and hung out with Macey in Salt Lake, spent waaaaaay too much money fixing a car that kept breaking, took friends to Portland, turned 26 at a Ford dealership in Twin Falls (no thanks to you Ford Focus), went to my grandpa's funeral in North Dakota, finally started my 2nd year at Elk Ridge, spent Labor Day in Rexy--reminiscing with good friends. I recently gave in and started going to the 48th (I had been going to the 43rd) and it's actually not too bad. How's that for summing up 6 months!?!?!?

Well, tonight at ward prayer these 2 girls were introducing each other and someone asked, "what's your ideal guy?" So rather than answering for themselves, the answered for the other person. It was a funny and amusing way to answer a somewhat odd/awkward question. I thought I'd try describing the "ideal guys" for a few of my friends.

Jessy-fresh: Tall and skinny, a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll, very outdoorsy and active, willing to occasionally talk geology. Good listener and frugal.

Goog: Short and stout (I'm a little teapot), bald head with thick rimmed glasses, good dresser. Mellow. Must be proficient in pop culture and able to put up with Twilight references.

Nutter-face: Tall and thick. Should have full beard at least part of the year--wears chacos all year. Future aspirations could include running a kids summer camp. Likes ice blocking and service.

Shel-belle: This guy should really like to eat and likes a woman who wears aprons and stands on her tippy toes. Dark and handsome. Super genuine and a good leader. Doesn't take life too seriously.

Almendra: A romantic guy who is business oriented. Must like taco stands and cannot be high maintenance. Has to be honest and willing to get married by December.

Okay, so most of you will not get those descriptions because you don't know those friends but here's mine: Easy going, likes sandwiches and music. Taller than me. Not a slacker. Doesn't smell weird.

The end.

--Pictures of the NEW car coming soon--

Wednesday, April 8

I guess there really is someone for everyone...

So this could be considered a somewhat unkind observation but I have to say it. Maybe I shouldn't put bad vibes out into the universe or something like that...nah, let me just tell you what I have observed, or wondered, rather. I sometimes find out that so and so got married or that A and B are getting married and I think to myself, "how did so and so ever find someone to marry THEM?" or "huh, I never thought A or B had a chance at it, I'm glad they found each other." I guess there really is someone for everyone. It's a good thing, because I'm crazy odd sometimes.

Friday, February 27

My Classroom

It was decided last year at Elk Ridge that all of the foreign language teachers should move out to the portables because then we can be as loud as we want without disrupting our neighbors. I think that was a fine idea but I'll admit I was a little surprised when I walked into MY portable after having seen the others. Why? It was filled to the brim with 2 classrooms-worth of junk. I couldn't even walk through it. I knew I had my work cut out for me. Not only that, my portable is probably a decade or two older than the others and has burnt orange carpet from floor to ceiling. So I just thought I would give you a taste of the the portable 2 flavor...

Thursday, February 12

Ugly Utah Plates.

It's BIG. It's ORANGE. It's the Utah license plate. There's no way I was going to get the plate that had a skier on it. No need to remind me that Utah is snowy and freezing all winter long.
I was so sad to succumb to the law, but it was time for me to register in Utah since I guess I do live here now (wierd). I got my plates at the beginning of January, but then they just sat in my car until January 30th when I realized I had better get my new plates on because my Oregon stickers had expired and I really didn't want to get pulled over for expired tags. I had just gotten home from work, and the sun was already going down but there was a little bit of light, and I just wanted to get the job done.

So with the help of a leatherman (the only tool we have in our entire house of 5 girls) and my roommate Andrea there to document the whole experience, I had a license plate changing ceremony. It was a sad day and the end of an era for me and my car.

I think my favorite part is that I am still wearing my dress and shoes from work. The neighbors thought I was wierd--my car was parked on the road so everyone who drove by slowed down and stared at me.

I am and always will be an Oregon girl at heart!

Wednesday, February 11

Estoy "embarazada" embarrassed.

So, for the past several weeks my students have taken a particular interest in my love life and I have no idea why they find my lack of love life so fascinating. It all started when I accidentally got a text during 3rd period. They were all working on their starter, the class was engaged so I snuck a peek. It was my buddy Josh writing to see if I was going to his house to watch LOST. I quickly sent him a note back saying, "heck yes". (Side note: I don't have a TV and I hate waiting until Thursday to watch it online). Well, some kids caught me texting. I defended myself by saying that I had to let my friend Josh know I was coming because I hate missing LOST.

"What, is Josh your boyfriend?" they all asked. No commentary on the fact that I like LOST or that I don't have a tv.

"No Josh is not my boyfriend, he is my friend, just like so-and-so is YOUR friend."

"But Ms. Spravzoff, do you have a boyfriend? Do you want Josh to be your boyfriend? What does he look like? Why don't you have a boyfriend?"

And thus, a myriad of questions were proposed in about 30 seconds. Stupid me, I tried to answer them all instead of saying MYOB por favor. I was advised by several 14 year olds to get myself on and that if I set my standards too high I might end up alone forever. Now, I can laugh at all of this, I think it's all pretty amusing. But it didn't stop there, several other classes wanted in on all the dirt, and decided that they needed to take my picture to set me up on an online dating service. Then over the course of a few weeks, students would come to class,
"Ms. Spravzoff, are you friends with Mr. So-and-so. I really think he's your type. I think you guys should date." Well now I've got all sorts of prospects according to my students, and right here at Elk Ridge. Never mind that some of them are twice my age, or married! All I could do was laugh.

The next time they ask me any questions about my personal life my response will be "None of your business!". And let's be honest, I should just keep my cell phone hidden until 2:50.

P.S. Just an FYI, embarazada doesn't mean embarrassed, so don't go around saying that, it actually means pregnant. Avergonzada means embarrassed. And que verguenza means, How embarrassing!