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Wednesday, September 22


Why I am so cranky?  I called in sick today, I've been feeling crummy.  It all started Sunday night when this fire in the foothills by my house (okay, well, in Herriman) started burning down houses and they evacuated like 1700 homes and they so I was just nervous about how smoky it was and which schools they would cancel and stuff.  So I didn't sleep well and then I've just been in a funk and getting sicker by the day.  Now my computer ac adapter is broken, so I bought a new one and that one didn't work either, so I think something inside my computer is broken.  I dunno, I'll have to take it in this weekend when I have time to breathe again.  I do NOT recommend taking 18 credits (even if it is over 8 months) and teaching without a prep period.  7 straight classes, no breaks, I almost cried yesterday after work.  I went to the copy room and all 3 copiers were broken.  Tears were welling up in my eyes.  It was my first day with no meetings after school and I was feeling sick and achy and I just wanted to go home, and I couldn't even get my copies done.  I miss Jocelyn the copy lady who is not with us this year and so they didn't bother getting a new copy lady.

Wow, did you read all of that?  Pat yourself on the back if you did.  I let out a big shriek/yell tonight because I was so frustrated.  I think I scared my roomies.  Oh well.  Ya know what, it didn't even make me feel better.  I would go exercise but I jacked up my knees running around the lake on Saturday night.  Note to self:  stick to the eliptical machines at the gym.  Wow, are you still reading?  You deserve some ice cream or some delicious mexican food.  I'm done.