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Sunday, April 18

I'm Thirsty

I have a good life.  The end.

I am incredibly fortunate.  I have some really cool opportunities living here in Salt Lake.  One is being able to work in the Salt Lake Temple.  I can't tell you how many Argentines were so jealous of the fact that I have been to temple square and the conference center, and here I am, getting to spend every other Saturday working in the most iconic temple of our dispensation.  I am lucky that I still get to see many of my friends from college.  I am lucky that I basically fell into my job on a fluke and I have one prep and get to teach only Spanish 2.  I am lucky that I have enough money for my needs (obviously not all of my wants--we always want more than we have--right now I really want braces and can't afford it).  I have a comfortable place to live, a reliable car and my health.  Living in Salt Lake I have gotten to rub shoulders with some pretty cool people.

A couple things have been on my mind.  One was going to do sealings this weekend.  I honestly can't even put into words how I felt.  The spirit was very strong and a lot of feelings came to me about what my parents must have felt as they were sealed and then to me.  The other thing on my mind was a conference talk where somebody mentioned how we live far beneath our privileges.  I think that I am blessed now, but I know that I have untapped resources and opportunities.  I know that I can have even more spiritual power if I am willing to put in the effort.  I used to think my trainer was crazy for always talking about "poder espiritual" but I think I'm starting to get what she meant.

Sorry if this post seems cryptic and/or disjointed.  Lot's on my mind.

Tuesday, April 6

3 YEARS--How did that happen?

3 years ago today I was getting on a plane in Mendoza to fly to Buenos Aires and then to Atlanta, Georgia and then to Portland, Oregon.  I remember trying to soak in every last drop of Argentina that I possibly could.  I took mental pictures of the Andes mountains and the vineyards as we rose into the air.  We touched down in San Juan for a second and I just wanted to get out and smell the air for a second.  I chatted with anyone that I could find as we waited in the MTC in Buenos Aires for our evening flight--I knew my days of speaking "castellano" would be coming to an end.  

Though I tried with "great fervor" to soak up all things Argentina during my last transfer, I fear that some beautiful moments of the mission have become hazy.  Others come back to me randomly when I most need them, such sweet little tender mercies.  The last few days I have been recalling a quote wall that Hermana Gunderson and I kept.  I'm not sure what provoked our quote wall, but subconsciously (at least a little bit) I think it was to help us laugh and deal with some losses that greatly impacted us during our time in San Luis.  

Today a snippet from our quote wall came back to me full force and made me all giggly inside, just like the first time I heard it. 
 "Not the bajonies!!!!!"

I don't know if I even remember the whole story behind why E' Molina and Divis started saying this in the first place.  Elder Divis was still learning Spanish and Elder Molina spoke perfect English and so they often spoke English.  I remember something about how they were with a member or teaching a lesson and somebody was telling some silly story about "los bajones"--the downers.  Some adult reacted dramatically and said, "no los bajones!!!!" and so I think the Elders tried to recreate the scene in English for us and out came "not the ba-honies".  Such spanglish.  I can still picture them gasping the phrase, mouth open wide in shock as both hands smacked the sides of their face.

So next time you feel a little down in the dumps, make the above face and say to yourself,