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Monday, June 23


So, I am ready to pay home a little visit!!! I will leave Thursday for Oregon and stay there for almost a month! I am excited to see some Oregon friends, go camping with the family, shop without sales tax and have someone else pump my gas. Exciting stuff huh?

Tuesday, June 17

People Who Need People

Yesterday I got an email from an old mission buddy who lives in Buenos Aires. We entered the field at the same time and so when we would run into each other we would chat about our progress and our crazy trainers and so on. It totally made my day because he just wrote the nicest things to me. It's funny because I realized that I am more sentimental than I thought. I have gotten to talk to a few "long lost" friends lately who have expressed that they appreciated having me in their, it's just nice to know that these guys meant so much to me and that I also meant something to them. Okay, this is getting kind of mushy...I'm going to go watch So You Think You Can Dance.

Tuesday, June 10


I really want to go to Mexico, but the ticket to Dallas was just too expensive. I am going crazy not working. You would think I would like not having to do anything, but I don't really enjoy it. I would love to be interviewing places and finding a job for fall, but so far, the only openings in GSD are for Elementary.