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Thursday, September 22

Day 31 – A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

How was my day?  I lectured 2 of my 7th grade classes and 4 of my 6th grade classes today about putting their first and last names on their assignments.  After 10 minutes of talking about all of this, I then said, "so what do you think you should write on the top of your homework before you turn it in right now?"  "Our names," they all said.  'Cept then after school I still found 10 papers that either had no name or just the first name written on it.  Do you know how many Madi's, Gabi's, Kaden's, Taylor's and Addi's I have????

Saturday, September 10

Tag I Found On A Dress I Bought This Week

"The irregularities and variations in the color and texture of this fabric are characteristic of the fabric adding to its natural beauty, and is in no way to be considered as defective."

It was plain black fabric.

I wish I could have a similar tag on myself:  The irregularities and variations in the personality and appearance of this person are characteristic of this person adding to its natural beauty, and is in no way to be considered as defective.

Sunday, September 4

Day 30 - Anything you want to post about your day.

Today I got to go see Asher Jacob Loveland's baby blessing.  Then I got to see Claud's family.  It was awesome because both of her parents and all of her siblings were there, for some of them it was the first time they'd seen Asher.  Pretty cool.

Of course, very few things could have made that experience any more awesome, but having some delicious Mexican food afterwards didn't hurt.

Thursday, September 1

Day 29 - Ten life goals

*I have to post a disclaimer and say that I feel like I've already accomplished so many things in life that I've wanted to accomplish, it's hard to come up with TEN WHOLE GOALS that I haven't already achieved.  Hopefully this doesn't sound cocky, I don't mean for it to be, I'm just happy with the opportunities God has given me.*

Here they are in no particular order:

1.  Go to Mexico.
2.  Accomplish/see miracles in my family history work.
3.  Have saved enough retirement to send my kids and me and my spouse on missions.
4.  Temple sealing.
5.  Raise kids.
6.  See my siblings make good choices and be happy.
7.  Become a "Master Teacher"
8.  Own a hybrid.
9.  Live in the south or mid-west or east coast.
10.  Fulfill the measure of my creation.