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Wednesday, March 14

No Picture (you'll thank me when you read the post)

Yesterday Cam asked me, "Ms. Spravzoff can I go call my mom?  I don't feel good."  I told him, "Tell you what, do this activity with us for the next 5 minutes and if you're still not feeling good you can go call your mom.  If you need to run out of the room or anything like that just go."  Two minutes later, the kids are all writing their answers to some questions and Ethan walks up to me, "Ms. Spravzoff, can I go get some paper towels to clean up my desk?"  After some questioning it comes out that Cam had gotten up to leave the room and only made it to the front of the row before throwing up.  He got puke on Ethan's desk, his worksheet, his arm and the floor in front of the desk (which happens to be right in front of the door...ya know, so a pretty high-traffic area).  I felt SOOO bad.  It's funny because I was freaking out about everything and trying to get ahold of the secretary to send down the custodian and such and NONE of the other kids even noticed anything was going on for another 4 minutes or so.  And of course, as soon as they realized there was throw up on ground, they all had to be walking around that corner of the room.  "Get away from there," I'd shriek.  "How come you don't call the janitor to clean it up," they asked.  "Umm, hello, I already did!"

So later that night I start feeling queasy and have a headache.  I decide to have some mellow soup and go to bed.  After a few hours of not feeling any better and not being able to sleep I finally was able to go relieve my nausea around 1 am.  It's funny because this morning I was praying and thinking about what I was thankful for.  The only thing I could come up with was that I'm grateful I was able to throw up.  It kinda made me giggle that that's what I was thankful for this morning.  But hey, gratitude for strange things is better than gratitude for nothing.

And p.s. I feel way less sick today but I'm not taking any chances, I haven't eaten anything yet.  I've just told my students to keep their distance.

Thursday, March 8

My first bite into an apple

For a year and a half I have been unable to eat whole apples. No longer my friend.

Saturday, March 3

Our Roomie With The Silverware Moved Out

So I'm using this plastic reindeer fork for the time being.