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Friday, May 30

ROCK BAND Makes Everything Better!

Yesterday I was kind of bummed out for reasons that I cannot say. Reasons that I choose not to say because this blog is all about things that make me smile and not things that make me frown. But at the height of my bummed-out-ness while I was venting to Ms. Peck in the hallway I heard the sweet strains of ROCK BAND wafting out of her classroom. I entered to find not 1 but 2 tv's set up in opposite corners of the room, each with the full set-up. I quickly grabbed the base and started playing some song I've never heard of. The song just kept going and going. I kept looking at the clock and realized the bell was about to ring and my 7th graders would be leaving the cafeteria only to find their classroom locked and the teacher nowhere to be found. I was tempted to pass the bass on to an onlooking student but right about that time I got booed off the stage. Anyways, the last few weeks of school make me smile. For other teachers it might feel like a chaotic time, but I am actually very relaxed because all of the students are finally in good moods.

Wednesday, May 14

Big Gulps huh?

Today I am smiling because I got a paycheck in the mail! Seriously...I have been waiting for this since April. I am so stoked!!! I am also smiling because I had a interview at Union Middle. It was a good interview...not that it means I'm getting hired. I wish it did, but I'm the first interview they've had so I have to wait a week to find out. Hopefully I can get more soon. I'm also smiling because it's an A-day and I got to see my favorite math students.

Wednesday, May 7

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

So---I got some graduation cards today. Whoo-hoo. The best one was from my parents; they said that the car they have been letting me use is my graduation gift. So I am relieved because I was wondering when I was going to be able to pay them for it. That made me smile. So did the other cards from people that I love.

Also, I smiled today when Jessica came in to find out her missing assignments. She has been uber-snotty the past few days, we are talking eye-rolling every 5 seconds I ask her to do something, yelling at me for helping her too much, yelling at me for not catering to her every need. BIG ATTITUDE. Anyways, she was polite and refrained from any rude comments today. That makes me glad because I really do like her and think she's a good girl. Just one of those people that you hate to be on their bad side.

Finally, another thing that made me smile today was when Jose Urcino got really, really up in my face and said "wanna fight". Completely random. I wasn't even talking to him. I had said maybe 5 words to him the whole class period. I inhaled, stepped even closer and said, "ni ahi papa". We both just busted up laughing.

Tuesday, May 6

AI and Math 7

I'll tell you what. American Idol makes me smile. Well, I should clarify that really it's David Archie that makes me smile. I'm sorry but if I were a 17 year old girl I would have been screaming like Kelsey tonight. Also Jason Castro makes me smile but for different reasons. Maybe smile isn't the right word. It was almost more of a wince or grimace. It's still close enough for me to go into the smile category though. He is just a goober. I don't think he listened to a single thing the judges said (although they were kind of mean tonight). I just don't think he tries to sing well--I don't know if he really cares.

Okay, on to other things that make me smile. Last week Gena Sanchez (the only 7th grader I know who can pull off a nose piercing) told me that their class only acts so bad because Mrs. Kofoed made them that way. I had to laugh because it's so absolutely ridiculous. I thought about replying, "oh, well, in that case you can just keep acting like little hellions...since it's not your fault you choose to behave that way." Seriously, who is their teacher now? ME! That's what I thought.