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Sunday, August 19

Summer... delightful. And sadly, it officially ends on Wednesday when the kiddos come back to school.

I've had a really great summer and I'd like to highlight some of the things that made it into my gratitude journal.

-bike rides around the lake (my bike was probably the best purchase I've made in 2012 so far)

-going to Oregon to be with my family. They are so funny, I sure love them. We got to go to the beach, I went on a bike ride with my dad, I got to see the framily, went to Macey's b-ball games, saw my grandparents, and went house hunting with my parents. It was cool to see all of the work they've done on the house.

-trip to Vegas for Collette's shower. It was fun to be with the Wixom family. And as an added bonus I got to see my old college pal Lindsay.

-I've gotten to know a lot of really cool people in the ward. Too many to list. But I will say that some of my favorites have been people that I got to know better/spend time with at both the stake and ward camp outs.

-spending time with my friend Bailey who I love to pieces. She is a good listener and makes feel better (like the night I freaked out that I was turning 29 and was entering my last year in my 20's)

-going on some fun and interesting dates. Some were more on the fun side and some were more on the interesting side but I got to know some great people.

-trip to Denver. It started with hanging out with the Baers. We checked out arches national park (where Joel threw a cactus at me lol). I got some quality time with my grandma, aunts and cousins. We hit up some garage sales and spent way too much time watching the news about the shooting.

-the fun of the summer Olympics.

-attending and being super involved with Lauren and Preston's wedding.

-a nice long phone call with my oldest dear friend tammydoodle.

-a really fun filled birthday with people that I love.