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Tuesday, March 29

Day 15 - Favorite childhood story

So many...
-The day I was born.  My parents were driving up north to be sealed in the Seattle Temple but my mom's water broke and she ended up in the hospital delivering me instead.
-Carrying around this dolly that my Great Grandma knitted for me.  Her name was Rosie, I had a yellow one until it got lost (I think) and then I had a purple one.  I wish I had pictures of my Rosies.
-I split my chin open one Sunday afternoon.  I was three.  I had come home from church, ripped off all my clothes but my tights and started prancing around the kitchen on the linoleum floor.  I slipped and fell and hit my chin.
-When I was a baby, my dad didn't know anything about babies.  He was trying to fasten my cloth diaper with a safety pin.  I was screaming and screaming and my dad had no idea why I wouldn't stop.  Finally he realized he had pinned my side along with the diaper.  He felt pretty bad about that one.

Tuesday, March 22

This Made Me Chuckle

Good 'ol Grey's.

... alone people don't like to hear about the together people, ok, even if the alone people are alone by choice, it's sort of mean, it's sort of like bringing a six pack to an AA meeting ...

Tuesday, March 8

Day 14 - Something you’re addicted to

-Making playlists on itunes-

-Spending $ (cha-ching)-

-Apple Slices and Oranges-

-Grey's Anatomy-

-Angry Birds-

Friday, March 4

Day 13 - Favorite season and why

Hmmmm.  This is a tough one.  I love all seasons (though I wish winter only lasted December-January).  I especially love that transition time when the seasons change.
Obviously, Winter to Spring is exciting and energizing.  It's nice to finally get outdoors and get some fresh air.  It's nice to see rain instead of snow.  I keep hoping with every recent snowfall that it will be the last of this Winter. 

Spring to Summer means suntans, vacations, getting out of school, seeing green everywhere.  This season change always makes me feel relaxed and carefree.  I am really looking forward to June this year!

Fall to Winter can be fun with the excitement of the first snowfall and getting everyone ready for the Holiday season.  

I think the Summer to Fall transition is probably my favorite though, I love the excitement of a new school year.  I love thinking about how Labor Day in September brings Halloween in October and Thanksgiving in November.  I like those transition months when the nights start to get a little chilly but still warm enough to go on a walk at night.  I like how the leaves change and how everything feels golden.  I wish September weren't so far away!

Wednesday, March 2

Day 12 - Anything you want to post about

Here are some questions on my mind lately...

*Are bumper stickers cute or tacky?  Does it depend on the message?  If it's an actual sticker or a window decal?  Does it depend on the type of car itself?

*Who is going to win The Bachelor?

*REALLY, what would I REALLY do if I won a million dollars?  Wouldn't that be SO nice?

*Should I get lasik surgery or do I enjoy wearing my glasses from time to time?

*How many more days can I make it before I break down and do my laundry?

*What's the next thing I should cook in my crockpot?

*What will I do if my teenage children are awkward and/or smelly?

*Is it worth it to make more money working somewhere else but having a more challenging workload at a charter school instead of a public school?

*Why is my Spanish getting so bad?

*Am I EVER going to pay off my student loans?

*How the heck did I get locked in the bathroom stall today for 2 full minutes?

*Do I make my students uncomfortable when I dance around the classroom?

*When is Easter?

*Will I ever go back to Argentina????????

Tuesday, March 1

Day 11 - A sport you love to watch/play

I love to watch soccer!  Especially Real Salt Lake!  I enjoy football and basketball if I know the teams, and I actually like watching any sport if I know the players (like friends or family).  As far as playing sports goes...I'm really terrible at all of them and not at all coordinated, so I don't really care for the competition aspect.  I do enjoy playing catch or shooting hoops or something if it's really informal and just to mess around.