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Saturday, July 12

I stepped on a slug barefoot.

So Oregon has been wonderful but also provided me with a little dilemma. I was chatting with a family friend on the 4th of July and he is the principal of a Junior High about an hour west of Portland. He totally wants me to interview. Well, I gave him all of my information (evals, resume, letters of rec) but then I chickened out for the interview. I don't want to live in Oregon, I really don't. I have Marci and Collette visiting in August and September, millions of friends getting married, an awesome place to live and I love my roommates. I was just afraid that they would offer me a job on the spot (which it kind of sounds like the way Mario was talking) and that would be so tempting to take. It would be an awesome position to teach geography IN SPANISH. So I just don't know what to do, but I decided that I need to get back to Salt Lake, let my head clear a little bit (because it's hard to think clearly in my crazy house). See if any thing starts opening up at the beginning of August. It's just ironic that it's usually super-hard to find a job in Oregon without a masters and there's supposedly a great shortage of teachers in Utah but my job lead is in Oregon and I have nada in Utah.

Well, some good things about Oregon is that I get to grill all the time. I forgot how much I LOVE my dad's barbeques. The weather is fabo, being with the family is good and I've been spending some quality time with both parents. This week, however, has been a bit of challenge because they are both gone at girl's camp and I am home with the 2 youngest brothers and my little sister. Riley has been smoking weed every day, which my parents are sort of aware of what he's been doing, but I don't think they realize how bad of a problem it is. And Joel's had a rough week, one of his close friends drowned in the Sandy river. Being the mother figure is difficult, I've been carting them all over town, making sure dinner is ready and trying to keep the house clean...what a job. It hasn't left much time for friends but tonight I got a much needed break by hanging out with my friend Tammy. We got some curry and then went to her house and watched the office and played cards. My friends definitely keep me sane, that's for sure.

Oh, and I think having someone pump gas for you is wierd. I missed it while I was in Utah, but now that I'm here it just doesn't feel right.

And also, I love Fonzie.