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Friday, November 26

The story of Jonah from Corinth Baptist Church on Vimeo.

I was laughing out loud at this little kid. Doesn't she just sound like a general authority during general conference? Well, until she starts impersonating God's voice. My favorite is the man in the background. Does this kid even know how to read?

Sunday, November 21

Some Thankfuls

Being that Thanksgiving is around the corner, all of the talks at church today revolved around being grateful.  I haven't been doing a good job in appreciating the good things that happen each day and in turn I've been pretty crabby lately.  Sure, there is a lot going on right now and I could probably justify my foul mood to some...but instead I'd like to tell you the good things about my week.

-Friday only 2/3 of my  kids were at school, and it was most of the one's that I like.
-I got to chastise this annoying girl for skipping my class...she is like the bane of my existence and I can't wait to tell her mother who thinks that her daughter can do no wrong.  Really this is good news.
-Bingham won the 5A state championship
-Claud and Dave got sealed and I attended my 2nd sealing this month
-Ate at Buca di Beppos for the second time this month after a sealing
-Hung out with the lovely Makamae who came to visit from Texas, we will still have fun and laugh together when we are 90 and living in the same retirement home (or something like that).  Maybe we'll have wheelchair races down the halls and talk about how much we loved Brandon Boyd.
-My life was spared despite my horrible driving in the freak snowstorm of Saturday night.
-Got to see Claud's parents--love them.
-Erica shoveled the sidewalk this morning.
-My Thursday class which is usually the worst part of the day was actually the bright spot in my day.
-More snow is predicted and I get the garage this week!
-I finished the BOM on Saturday.


Monday, November 1

Which Dress?

I have been wanting to buy a fancy dress for awhile now.  I wear dresses all the time to school so now it never feels the same when I try to dress up for something special.  So here are 2 styles of dresses, each in 2 colors, tell me which ones you like.  I'm debating whether to just buy one, or one of each style cuz they're kinda expensive...especially because I'm going to have them change the length to below the knee instead of at the knee.