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Monday, April 30

Sunday Study

I think these are two of my most favorite talks from conference.  It was nice to reflect about where I was a month ago as I heard them as compared to now.  Check 'em out.  HERE and HERE.

What were YOUR favorite talks from this April's GC?

Sunday, April 29

Taco flavored kisses

My roommate said last night that she'd never heard of a Saturday night adult session of conference before. Don't they do that everywhere? Well after last night's session we went to Lone Star Taquería* and got some delicious food!

*as featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

Tuesday, April 24

My desk is a mess!

The good news is...I got a lot done after the kids went home today. It was very productive and I feel so good about it. The bad news desk is still a mess! Oh well.

Monday, April 23

Casey's Staples

Last week Casey was Playing football at lunch when he dove for a pass. His head hit a rock instead. He split open his head and got 2 staples which he proudly showed me today.

Thursday, April 19

Sweet Little T

Also, I wrote a bit in my other blog tonight.  Check it out HERE.